PUBG Is Celebrating Its 3rd Birthday With New Items

 PUBG Is Celebrating Its 3rd Birthday With New Items
Okunuyor PUBG Is Celebrating Its 3rd Birthday With New Items

On March 23, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will officially be three years old, celebrating the anniversary of its 2017 beta release. While the battle royale market has become far more competitive since then, PUBG is still going strong with plans for updates, reworks, and new content in its fourth year.

In a blog post, the PUBG team has commemorated all the work that’s been done on the game in the past year, and gives us some idea of what to look forward to in the coming year..

First off the block is the re-worked Vikendi, the snow-covered map that was taken down earlier this year for renovations. The new version of the map, now featuring trains, has been play-tested in reduced circulation, and will be re-releasing again soon.

pubg 3rd anniversary skin

While other planned updates weren’t outlined in detail, the blog post promised 2020 would bring “map reworks, new maps, new weapons & mechanics, additional game options such as Arcade’s Team Deathmatch, and of course quality of life improvements & bug fixes for some of your most pressing issues.”

PUBG players can redeem a 3rd Anniversary Item Box for free during a limited period, featuring an M416 skin, hoodie, and parachute designed in the Community Skin Design Contest.

PC players will get the box first from March 23 to April 23, where it can be redeemed on the in-game store for free. Console players will have the item box added to their account automatically when they log in between March 26 and April 25.

Source: Gamespot

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